Who has endorsed

Individual endorsers

Klaus Hasselmann, 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics for his studies for the physical modelling of Earth’s climate, quantifying variability and reliably predicting global warming  

Roger D. Kornberg, 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his studies of the molecular basis of eukaryotic transcription

Eric S. Maskin, 2007 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for having laid the foundations of mechanism design theory

Sidney Altman, 1989 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their discovery of catalytic properties of RNA


Marc Bekoff, PhD. University of Colorado, Boulder, Professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Jennifer Black, PhD, Microbiology & Immunology; MSc, Pathobiology

Dr. Thomas Brückmann, biologist & communication designer

Peter D Carter, M.D,  Director Climate Emergency Institute, IPCC expert reviewer

Pamela Fergusson, RD, PhD

Becca Franks, PhD, Research Scientist, Department of Environmental Studies, New York University

Nilang Gor, Senior Scientist in the field of genetic disorders and holds M.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology

Joanna Hańderek, Associate Professor, Institute of Philosophy – Jagiellonian University

Danny Harvey, IPCC Lead Author on the 4th and 5th Assessment Reports, Working Group III

Ryszard Kulik, PhD, Club of Ecological Thought

Dr. hab. Barbara Niedźwiedzka, member of the Catholic Church, retired researcher of the Institute of Public Health, Jagiellonian University

William B. Orcutt, Capt. USAF Ret. BSEE University of Missouri, MSEE Air Force Institute of Technology

Dorota Probucka, PhD., Professor at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, Head of the Department of Applied Ethics, Theory of Mediation and Negotiation at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, Vice-President of the Polish Ethical Society, Editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Ethics Education

Dr Hugh Martin, PhD, principal lecturer in Agricultural Science at the Royal Agricultural University

Marco Maurizi, Philosopher, PhD, writer, author of “Beyond Nature. Animal Liberation, Marxism, and Critical Theory.” Co-founder of the scientific journals “Liberazioni” and “Animal Studies. Italian Journal of Antispecism.

William Ripple, PhD. Distinguished Professor of Ecology, Oregon State University

Kurt Schmidinger, Food Scientist & Geophysicist

Hakan Şentürk, Bezmi Alem University, Gastroenterology Department

Piotr Skubała, PhD, University of Silesia, Institute of Biology, Biotechnology and Environmental Protection

Dr. Kurt Schmidinger, food scientist and geophysicist

Professor Julia Steinberger, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, IPCC lead author AR6 WG3

Marcin Urbaniak, Associate Professor, Pedagogical University of Cracow

Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop, B. Surv (Hons1), former Principal Scientist, Qld Natural Resources

Jean Ziegler, Swiss former professor of sociology at the University of Geneva and the Sorbonne, Paris, and former vice-president of the Advisory Committee to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Dr. Alexandra Isfahani-Hammond

Chloe Taylor, Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Alberta

Laurie Adkin, Professor [Political Science and Environmental Studies] University of Alberta

José Moisés Martín Carretero, Professor of Economics. Faculty of Science and Technology, University Camilo José Cela

Barton Rubenstein, PhD, Mother Earth Project cofounder

Jonathan M. White, PhD, Assoc. Professor of Sociology, Bentley University

John Packer, Associate Professor (Law), University of Ottawa

Dr. J. David Spence, Professor of Neurology and Clinical Pharmacology, Western University

Carla Steffen, Veterinarian

Dr. Kristiina Visakorpi

Didem Aydurmus, PhD (climate politics)

Bastiaan Rutjens, PhD

Dr Holly Sitters, Ecologist, The University of Melbourne

Jane Hindley, Senior Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Essex

Kathrin Herrmann, Johns Hopkins University Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing

Patrick Alberti, M.A.

Dr Corey Lee Wrenn

Dr. Anna Perreira

Zahra Kassam, MBBS, FRCP(C), FRCR(UK). Oncologist, University of Toronto, Canada

André Bittar, Research Associate, King’s College London

Jans Henke, MSc

Dr. Fatih Uenal, Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva

Jeroen Melief, PhD

Hon Prof Colin D Butler, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Australian National University

Jill Belch, Professor of Medicine and Lead, Tayside Air Pollution Research Project

Dr. Heather Davis

Dr. Yuri Engelhardt

Dr. Sara Gabrielsson, Senior Lecturer, Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies

Cameron Roberts, PhD

Paul Berger, Associate Professor (Education), Lakehead University

Pere Pons, Associate Professor, University of Girona

Dr Charlie Gardner

Dr A J Perrin

Professor James Renwick

Charles Ross DO

Brenda Dobia, PhD. Psychologist, Social Ecologist, Adjunct Fellow Western Sydney University

Annika Linde, DVM, PhD, MPH. Western University of Health Sciences, California

David Crookall, PhD, Inter- Ocean-Climate School (IOCS), Ocean Open University

David Howden, PhD

Cameron Brick, PhD, University of Amsterdam

Anoop Shah

Nicholas Carter, ecologist, researcher and co-founder of PlantBasedData.org

Professor Alexandra Cook FLS

Dr. Charles Greene

Dr. Mark Terry

Carl Thomas

Dr. Kurt Schmidinger, food scientist and geophysicist

Mark Diesendorf, Faculty of Arts Design & Architecture, UNSW Sydney

Marc bekoff, PhD.

Kurt Schmidinger, Food Scientist & Geophysicist

Prof. Imre Szeman

Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop, B. Surv (Hons1), former Principal Scientist, Qld Natural Resources

Celia Deane-Drummond, MA (Cantab), PhD (Plant Science), PhD (Theology

Dominik Linn, PhD Candidate in Industrial Mathematics (Fraunhofer ITWM and TUK)

Carolin Schellhorn, PhD.

Dr. Tushar Mehta

Dr. Amanda Boetzkes, Professor, Contemporary Art History and Theory, University of Guelph

Diana Molina, LCG. (Genomic Sciences)

Cassandra Meisel Clarke, MSc. Biochemistry, MSc. Epidemiology

Didem Varol, RD

Lena Hannah Dogra, PhD Candidate in Physics, University of Cambridge

 Dale Vince, UN Climate Change Ambassador and founder of Ecotricity.

Doctors For Nutrition

Food Watcher (Experts in sustainable nutrition)

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future

SSNV – Società Scientifica di Nutrizione Vegetariana
SONVE – Società Scientifica di Nutrizione Vegetale


Dr. Mutse Banzragch, M.D, internal medicine specialist

Luciana Baroni, Specialist in Geriatrics and Gerontology, Specialist in Neurology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Master of II level in Nutrition and Dietetics

T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University and author of the China Study

Dr. Jonathan Grill, M.D., C.M, CCFP

Dr. Shireen Kassam, Founder and Director of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, pbhp.uk

Dr. Zahra Kassam, MBBS, MSc, FRCP(UK), FRCP(C), DipABLM, Radiation Oncologist, Assistant Professor University of Toronto

Oğuzcan Kınıkoğlu, M.D, internal disease specialist

Sinaí Morelos, Nutrition and Master of Science in Population Nutrition and Master in vegan clinical and sports nutrition  

Dr Gemma Newman, MBBCH DFSRH DRCOG MRCGP, member of The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and is on the board of Plant Based Health Professionals

Andrea Wotan, MPH RDN, Wotan Nutrition, LLC

Didem Varol, R.D, Registered Dietetian

Dr. İlter Yenidede, M.D, Gynocologist



Dotsie Bausch, Olympic silver medalist, 8x U.S. National Cycling Champion, world record holder, founder, Switch4Good.org

Kuntal Joisher, mountaineer

Sandeep Kumar, elite ultra runner

Anthony Mullally, professional rugby player

Vishwajeet Sangle, professional international tennis player





“I endorse the Plant Based Treaty because it addresses the single largest sources of GHG emissions in a two-pronged manner that parallels exactly what needs to be done with regard to fossil fuel emissions: freezing further development, and unwinding existing intensive industrial systems that produce cheap meat and dairy at the expense of enormous animal suffering.”

– Danny Harvey, IPCC Lead Author on the 4th and 5th Assessment Reports, Working Group III.

We have reached a critical point in the history of our planet and the time to take action is NOW! Making the change to a plant based diet is the most impactful way for us humans to give back to this beautiful earth and to protect the future of our own and countless other species. That’s why I’m signing the Plant Based Treaty.”

– Sophie Aldred

Organization endorsers

2nd Street Hooligans Rescue, Inc.

A Well Fed World

A.P.S. SOS Natura

Acción Ambiental

Activists for the Victims e.V

Active for Animals

Actuaries for Sustainable Healthcare

Agenda Ambiental Argentina

Agenda Ambiental Buenos Aires

Agenda Ambiental Chaco

Agent Green


Ahimsak Eco Vegan Committee Of The Federation Of Jain Associations Of North America

Ajay Satya Prakash Public School

Alakır Nehri Kardeşliği

Albert Schweitzer Stiftung Für Unsere Mitwelt

All For Animals



Amigos de la Patagonia

Amman Health Save

Amoura Hotel & Coffee

An Ode To Gaia

Anda – Animal Rights News Agency

Ángeles Verdes

Animal Aid

Animal Alliance Network

Animal Help Uruguay

Animal Hero Kids

Animal Justice Party

Animal Justice Party South Australia

Animal Justice Project

Animal Liberation Queensland

Animal Liberation Scotland

Animal Liberation Victoria

Animal Libre

The Animal Protection Commissioner of Berlin

Animal Rebellion

Animal Rebellion Berlin

Animal Rebellion Deutschland

Animal Rebellion Ireland

Animal Rebellion Italia

Animal Rebellion München

Animal Rebellion Netherlands

Animal Rebellion Oldenburg

Animal Rebellion Ottawa

Animal Rebellion Stockholm

Animal Rights Center Japan

Animal Rights In Spiritualism

Animal Rights March Bristol

Animal Save & Care Portugal

Animal Save Italia

Animal Save Movement ; Climate Save Movement; Health Save Movement Johannesburg South Africa

Animal Save Movement Nigeria

Animal Save Movement Saskatoon

Animal Save Nederland

Animal Save Panama

Animal Save Sweden

Animal Save Turkey

Animal Save Uganda

Animal Save Zimbabwe

Animals Australia

Ankara Animal Save

Ankara Climate Save

Ankara Health Save

Anonymous For The Voiceless – Sondrio

Antes Celik Boru Ltd

Aquatic Life Institute

Arni Foundation

Artists For Animal Liberation

Asha Welfare Society For Environment & Happiness

Asheville Animal Save

ASK- We Are For You

Asociación Vegan Point

Asociatia Culturala si Ecologica SEPALE

Associação Albergue da Toxa e Cª

Associação Vegetariana Portuguesa (AVP)

Athens Animal Save

Australian Vegans

The Australian Vegetarian Society (NSW)

Aytzim: Ecological Judaism

Beagle Freedom Australia

Beat Whanau

Beautifuldance Foundation

Beirut Animal Save

Beirut Climate Save

Beirut Health Save



Better Food Foundation

Beyond Animal

Beyond Carnism

Bhopal Climate Save

Biggest Little Plant Pod


Bills Organic Bread

Birkenfeld Cow Save

Black Veg Society

Blueberry Lane Farm Animal Sanctuary

Boileaucs Conflict Solutions

Bombay Cheese Company

Bota Pra Girar

Boundless Love Project

Bürger:innen-Initiative LOS 4 Klima

Burlington Vegfest

Cala (Centro Antiespecista por la Liberación Animal)

Calgary Animal Save


Cantinho do Tareco


Casa Digital Ltd

Catholic Action for Animals

CDMX Animal Save

CDMX Climate Save

Central Coast Vegans

Centre For Human/Animal Studies (CfHAS)

Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies

Chandler & Neal Ltd

Charleston Climate Save

Christensen Global

Christian Animal Rights Association

Christians for Animals – Poland

Chubut Climate Save

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Kitchener Waterloo

Climate Action St Austell

Climate Emergency Institute

The Climate Emergency Sailboat

Climate Healers

Climate Save Argentina

Climate Save Germany

Climate Save Italia

Climate Save Ottawa

Climate Save Panama

Climate Save Portugal

Climate Save Uganda

Climate Team Group of the “Responsible digital leadership Project” (Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford University)

Coalition for Healthy School Food

Coimbra Animal Save

Colectivo Las Violetas

Collective Fashion Justice

Colombo Animal Save

Community Based Organization

Compassion Consortium

The Compassion Project

Compassionate Action for Animals

Compassionate Living

Conciencia Ecológica

Conciencia Solidaria ONG

Connecting Cabra

Consciente Colectivo


Cornwall Eco-Projects

Correntinos Contra el Cambio Climático

Creating a Vegan World Documentary

The Creative Compassion Centre Inc.


CT General Assembly

Cultivate Empathy for All

Cultura Vegana No Ltd


Dawn chorus Educational Initiative CIC & Juno Enterprise Charitable Association Enterprise Charitable Association

De Groenen

Deep Roots Strong Dance

Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25)

Desafio Vegetariano


Diet Change not Climate Change

Difusión V Córdoba

Difusion V Ica




Discover Urjaa Charitable Trust

Djurens parti

Doctors For Nutrition


Dzivnieku brīvība

Earth Cafe

Earth Healing Network

Earth Thrive

Earthsave Canada


East Riding Animal Save

Eat For The Earth

Eat Plants Love

Eco House

Eco House Global

Eco Lobos

Ecologisti Confederati



Effective Altruism At Georgia Tech

Elephant Guardians Of Los Angeles

Ellora Vegan Organic Wellness Center, LLC


Entre Rios Climate Save

Ernährungsrat Unna

Esit Yaşam Hakları

Eskisehir Animal Save

Essere Animali

Europa Verde – Verdi

Europa Verde Verdi federazione di Asti

European Parliament

Evidence Based Eating NZ

Exeter Friends For Animals

Extinction Rebellion Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Extinction Rebellion Rome

Extinction Rebellion Pisa

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Fair Watch

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)

The Farm Micro Sanctuary

Farm Transparency Project

Fauna Querida

Fauxmagerie Zengarry

Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisations

Federation Of Zoroastrian Associations of North America

Festival Végane de Montréal


Florida Rescue Farm, Inc

Flying Pig Animal Sanctuary at Hippie Chick N Farm

Forest Smoothie®

Foundation For Feathered Friends

FRA- Fraternité pour le respect animal

Freedom for Animals

Freedom 4 Animals

Fridays For Future Firenze

Fridays for Future Kitchener Waterloo

Fridays for Future Milano

Fridays For Future Napoli

Fridays for Future Roma

Friends of Bats & Bushcare Inc.

Fundación Hampatu

Fundación Pata de Perro AC

Fundación Tortuguias

Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy

Fundacja Dzika Polska

Fundacja Klub Myśli Ekologicznej (Foundation The Club of Ecological Thought)

Fundacja Pomocy Zwierzętom MiauKot

Fundacja Prosiaczka Eugeniusza Gieniutkowo

Ganesh Garden Cooperative Housing Society

Getting Green

Global Animal Law GAL Association

Global Jain Network

Global Ocean Trust

Go Dharmic

Go Vegan World

Gram panchayat raigaon

Granjita TyH

Grateful Meadows

Green Ganesha

Green Living Media

Green Party Maricopa County

Green Rev

The Green Shift

Greenbaum Foundation


Greenpeace Napoli

Greens for Animal Protection

Groene Dromers

Guadalajara Animal Save

Hải Phòng

Hansen-Werke e.V.

Hatti Food & Beverages Pvt ltd

Hayvan Hakları İzleme Komitesi

Health Save Argentina

Health Save Italia

Health Save Mar del Plata

Health Save Victoria

Herefordshire Animal Save

Hermosillo Animal Save

Himalayan Vegan Festival

Hoai Hawaii

Homabay Animal Save Chapter

Hope Civil Welfare Society

Hope For The Voiceless

Huerto Los Ayamanes

Hull Animal Rights Team

Hull Friends of The Earth (Local Group)

The Human Exploring Society

Humane Being

The Humane League México

Hume High School & Junior College, Byculla

Ica Animal Save

Ica Vegan

Iklim Için Türkiye

Immune Boosters

In Defence of Animals

Indian National Congress Commeti

Indore Animal Save

Infinite Highway Productions



Integral Transformation Group

Inter- Ocean-Climate School (IOCS), Ocean Open University

Interfaith Vegan Coalition

Isla Verde

Istanbul Animal Save

Istanbul Climate Save

Istanbul Health Save


İzmir Animal Save

İzmir Climate Save Movement

İzmir Health Save

İzmir Katip Çelebi Üniversitesi Vegan Topluluğu

Jane Unchained

JaneUnChained News Network

Jeeva Bhavana

Jewish Veg

Juntos Por Los Animales y la Naturaleza

Kenya Climate Save Movement

Kindness Project

Kitchener-Waterloo Climate Save

Klub Gaja

Kuantan Animal Save

Kukclean Foods and Consulting Pvt Ltd.

Kula Earth

Kury Instagramu

LA Animal Save

La Fattoria di Nonno Peppino Aps

La Reveldia

Lady Freethinker

Lagos Animal Save

Laguna Animal Save

Laguna Health Save

Lakewood Kitten Rescue Inc.

The Land and Sea Institute


Lantern Publishing & Media

Las Vegas Health Save

Last: Blueberry Lane Farm Animal Sanctuary

Latin Airdrop

League of Humane Voters, California

Lebanese Vegans

Lechtchila Organization

LegaSea Ecology

The Lentil Intervention

Lever Foundation

Liberacion Animal Panama

Liberation Sanctuary

Liberation Stuttgart!

Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection

Lifestyle Health Alliance

Lisboa Animal Save

Listos Ya

Liverpool Pig Save

Living Laudato Si’ Philippines

Living With Harmony

Lombricoltura Piemontese

Love Our Mother INC

Loving Hut Orange

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary

Macrobiotic School Japan

Manchester Animal Save

Manitoba Animal Save

Mannat Social Welfare Society

Mar del Plata Animal Save

MarGaia Foundation and Sanctuary

Mayur Sabji

MCR Foundation (MCRF)

Meadowfields Vegan Farm

Meat The Victims Israel

Meer Natuur in de Stad

Melbourne Chicken Save

Melbourne Cow Save

Menschen für Tierrechte – Bundesverband der Tierversuchsgegner e.V.

Menschen für Tierrechte Baden-Württemberg

Menschen für Tierrechte Bayreuth e.V.

Menschen Tiere Pandemien (Humans Animals Pandemics)

Mérida Animal Save


Miracle Community Based Organization

Mis Amigas Las Palomas

Missbrave Wilderness

Mission PAWSible

Monterrey Animal Save

Montevideo Horse Save

Mookie Naja

Mornington Peninsula Vegans

Mother Earth Project

Movimiento Sustentable

Mundo Sur



Napoli Animal Save

Nation Rising

National Hemp Association

Nature Club Foundation

Nature’s Choice Landworks and Design

Nepal Vegan Society

Netwerk Ter Bevordering van Biocyclische-Veganlandbouw in Nederland en Vlaanderen

New Cat City Rescue & Sanctuary

New Mexico Animal Save

No Meat May

North Carolina Farmed Animal Save




Oceanic Preservation Society

Océano 0KM

Oficyna 21

Oh Circle UG

Ollas Comunes Veganas

One Earth United

Organizacion de Ambientalistas Autoconvocados

Origin Of The Earth Organization

Orizaba Animal Save

Our Planet. Theirs Too. Inc.

Pacific Blue Organics

Palmerston North Animal Save

Parana Animal Save

Paraná Health Save

Pareen’s Plant Based Living

Partia Zieloni – The Polish Green Party

Partito della Rifondazione Comunista

Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals)

Paryavaran Bachao Abhiyan

Paryavaran Prerna Vidarbha

Pasado’s Safe Haven


Pawsitive Beginnings Inc

Peace for Animals

The Peacefuls Society

PEI Animal and Climate Alliance

People for Reason In Science & Medicine (PRISM)

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

PETA Deutschland

Phoenix Zones Initiative

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

Plan Por la Liberación Animal

Planet Friendly News

Plant A Million Zambia

Plant Based Canada

Plant Based Health Australia

Plant Based Living Winnipeg

Plant Based News

Plant Based Data

Plant-Based Advocates – Los Gatos

Plant-Based Health Professionals UK

Plantbased Dennis


Podcast | Emerging World Project

Ponte de Lima Animal Save Movement

Prescott Animal Save

Pro Lebensglück e.V.

Pro Veg International

Project Animal Freedom

Prosperar Argentina

Proyecto Cáñamo

Proyecto Timón Verde

Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future

Puebla Animal Save

Puebla Climate Save

PUSH Sweden

Puur Suzanne

Queer Brown Vegan

Rabbit Farm Resistance UK

Rabbit Hole Foods

Radikalecker e.V.


Recologica Uruguay

Red Vegana de Guayaquil

Red Ventilators

Redeem Vegan Orphanage Uganda

Reimagine Agriculture

Revashree Public School

Revolution Philadelphia

Rodzice dla Klimatu

Roll again Organisation

Roma Bostani

Roślinna Strona

Rottenburg Animal Save

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

Runa Cooperacion y Comunidad

Rutgers Veg Society

Safe Landing

Salerno Climate Save

Salish Coast Land and Marine Conservation Society

Saltillo Animal Save

San Francisco Veg Society

San Miguel Vegan

Santuario Capra Libera Tutti

Save Animals Save Climate Foundation

Save Movement Johannesburg

Schweineleben e. V.

Scientists Warning Europe

Sea Shepherd Global

Seeds To Inspire Foundation 501(c)(3)

Sehati Animal Sanctuary

Sen Hong Environment Media Company Limited

Sentient – For All Feeling Animals

Sentient Media


SHAC Justice Project

Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (START)

Shepparton Interfaith Network

Shift Eatery

Shree Aadi Jin Yuvak Charitable Trust

Shropshire & Worcestershire Animal Save

Siaya Animal Save Movement

Slaughter Free Los Angeles

Sled Dog Compassion Project

Sneha’s Care

Social Compassion in Legislation

Social Environmental Alliance

Soluciones Sostenibles


SOS Animal Portugal

Sostenibilita Equita Solidarieta

South Tyneside Green Party

South Tyneside Tree Action Group

Species Unite

SSNV – Società Scientifica di Nutrizione Vegetariana

St. John Higher Secondary School


Stichting de Varkensschuur

Stockton Animal Save

Stop Finning EU

Stop Finning Italy

Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Azylu dla Świń Chrumkowo

Stowarzyszenie Ostra Zieleń

Stowarzyszenie Planeta 10

Stowarzyszenie Poranek

Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciele Kubusia

Strathclyde Student’s Union (Strath Union)

STS Rosario

Suissi Vegan Kitchen

Super Master Ching Hai

Supreme Divine International Association

Supreme master Ching Hai

Sustainable Cannabis Coalition

Sustainable Gardening Australia

Sustentabilidad Ssin Fronteras

Sydney Animal Save

Taranaki Animal Save

Teachers For Future Italia

Texas Animal Freedom Fighters


Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs

Three For Seven

Tierbefreiungsoffensive saar ev


Tijuana Climate Save

Toronto Anti-Vivisection Alliance (TAVA)

Toronto Chicken Save

Toronto Health Save

The TreeSpirit Project

Tribe Animal Sanctuary



Un Árbol ONG

Un Árbol ONG y Germinar

Unidad Animal México

Unión Vegana Argentina

Unión Vegetariana del Perú

United in Heart

United Poultry Concerns

United Vegan


Utopia Vegan

Valparaíso Animal Save


Veg Student Alliance


Vegan Activist Alliance

The Vegan Association of Turkey

Vegan Australia

Vegan Check Social

Vegan Compassion Group

Vegan Conservatives

Vegan Easy

Vegan Education Association Sydney

Vegan Friendly

Vegan FTA

Vegan Green Planet

Vegan Hacktivists

Vegan Haller

Vegan International

Vegan Marathon

Vegan NSW

Vegan Option Canada

Vegan Organic Network

Vegan Outreach

The Vegan Project – Global

Vegan Rising

Vegan SA

Vegan Society

Vegan Society of Kenya

Vegan Student Association Leiden

The Vegan Success Initiative

Vegan Sustainability Magazine

The VeganAbler Collective

Vegans For Future

Vegans Of UBC


Vegetarians In New Energy Sources (VINES)

Veggie Jackets

Veggy Malta

VegOttawa Association

VegVoyages Foundation



Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue-US

VINE Sanctuary

The Virsa Foundation Inc.

Vida Libre ONG


Viva! Poland

Voice for Animals Society


Voz animal Peru

Wake Activism

Waterloo Green Party

Watershed Poetry Mendocino

We Animals Media

We Care About Animals

Wellington Vegan Actions

West Midlands Animal Save

Weymouth Animal Rights

Whole Wild World

Wild Pines Sanctuary


Wildlife Media Ltd


Wollongong Animal Save

World Animal News

World Animal Protection

World Vegan Vision

Worth Valley Vegans

Wyre Forest Green Alliance

Wyre Forest Vegans

XOrga – vereint für Tierrechte

XR Animal

Yoga Ramm School Yoga

Youth Climate Save

Youth Climate Save Brasil

Youth climate save Ohio

Youth Climate Save Valencia

Youth Climate Save Victoria


Żłobek Przyjaciele Świnki/ Świnka Llily



Zvířata Nejíme, z.s

הורים למען האקלים

חוות השאנטי

להתחיל מחדש

מרכז חירות


2nd Street Hooligans Rescue, Inc.

Business endorsers



Alt Foods

Arn Productions

Back To The Basics

The Bakery Cakery

Bán Hàng

Basillia Organics

Beauty Eats

Chu Si

Community Football Club Of India

Đồng Hồ Long Hải

Ekeeda Pvt. Ltd.

Ekta's Kind Kitchen


Fayvert Private Limited

Forks & Knives


Hadoli organic farm

Kaarya Naturals Pvt Ltd

Kaivalyam Body & Soul

Kamla's Guilt Free Goodies

Kind Kones


Long Hải

M/s Dayaram Chhangomal

Mang Thi My Lan

Meethi Kahani

Nguyen Hiep Thanh Hang

Niso by Sona


People Of Tomorrow

Pt Enviro Tec Indonesia

Purpose Plastics

Shuddham oils

The Bakery Cakery

The Vegan

Tran Van Manh

Ubuntu Eat

Vegan Fest India

Vegan Heart

Vegan Keno

The Vegan

White Cub



A Tendinha

Academy Of Beauty Nutrition

Agentuur Sauer - Salvia-sinensis.nl

Ana Calvo Nutrition

Animals Actually Ltd

Annas vegan cakes


Badgers Vegan Kitchen

Balbirnie Validation & Compliance

Bean Appetit

Beckywood Physio

Blu Marlin Sas - Wood Beach & Cocktail Bar


Bracka 20

Bright Zine

British Mouldings


Byrne Engineering Ltd

Canis Trigger Publishing

Carol Maguire Yoga

Change All Vegan

Chapter One Coffee Shop


Citizen Kind

Coccole Di Gusto Di A.Palumbo

Colored Media

Cornwall’s Chocolate Cove

The Crafty Pickle Co.


Dog Tidy


Dott.Ssa Maria Liliana Ciraulo - Biologa Nutrizionista

Dr Ulrich Bartels Ltd

Eating Our Way To Extinction


Ethical Creatives

Ethical Tee Company


Femme Medica


Forest Green Rovers

FWD Message

Global Fashion Grid

Goya Studios Limited

Green Ganesha

Green Life Market


Grønn Form

Happy Carrot Skincare

Happy Food and Health


Harry Holding Garden Design

Heidewitzka Gastro & Upcycle Gmbh

Heura Foods

Hg Revolution

House of WAKU

Humane Wildlife Solutions

I Love Zero Limited

Infarm - Indoor Urban Farming B.V.

Jack Bean

Jana Reinhardt Jewellery

Jasmine Alexander

Jillys Homemade Preserves

Jordan Sports Partnerships

Kakadu Creative


Kind Earth

La Colubrina

La Dicha

La Vegana Emiliana

Lalla Wandavi

The Late Apex PT

Let's Tell Your Story Publishing

Linda Mccartney's Food

Lo Vegano Community


Loveburger 100%Vegan

The Mindful Diva

Modern Vegan Marketing

MPL Communications Ltd

Natasha Maria Design

Nude Food UG



Pell d'Arbre

Perarca UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)

Picnic Cafe

Plan(e)t Foods



Plantyful Bakery & Vegan Provisions


Positive Birth Scotland

Pracownia A3

Psychotherapeutische Praxis Bicknese

Ray Star Books



Restaurant Kopps

Right Moves Media

The Rising Tide


Rockin Beets

The Rocking Horse Nursery

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The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen

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Serene Senses

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Stonewater House Vegan Bed And Breakfast


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Valea - Bio-Café & Pfanzliche Lebensmittel

Veg Capital



Vegan Masters


The Vegan Agency

Vegan Food Tour Utrecht

Vegan Masters

The Vegan Prophets

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Verde Sfuso Alimentari


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Voice-Design | Werbung, Design & Druck

Volwaardig Plantaardig

We Sleep

Wellingborough Driving Academy


Yaoh Ltd 



Zdrowiem Zyj - Centrum Swiadomego Odzywiania

Zielone 112 Beata Majewska

Zilch Bakery And Cafè

Żłobek Przyjaciele Świnki/ Świnka Llily



Blue Marble Market

Buggie Garden

Calabacitas Tiernas Bistro



Cow´s Revenge Vegan

El Buda Profano

El Vegano Urbano

Falafel Gdl


The Green Dog

Házlo Con Soya


Humus Merida

Jaris ArteCocina

La Raíz De La Tierra

Little Bay Consulting

Los Girasoles V

Metanoia Ecoferia


Mole SRL



Origem 75


Portal Vegano

Prabhupada Bakery Vegan Food

Pulpa Amor Liquido

Raw Me Crazy


Siempre Viva Vegana

Té Consciente

Tenu3 Eirl

The Green Dog

Tienda Verde (Green Market)


Valle Da Mídia

Vegan Center

Vegan Roots Kitchen

Vegan Souls


Veggy Tacos Hmo

Verde Será

VG Pizza

Vida Bowls Food Truck

The Village Vegan

Vita Almacen Saludable


Antes Celik Boru Ltd

Aslı Doğan Gelinlik tasarım ltd şti

Bal Olsaymışsın Cafe

Bayt Sara


Buhara Kuruyemiş

Canan Orhun


Doğa Kırtasiye

Four One Six

Gabo kafe

Gizemrengi Tasarımlar

Hafifol Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi

Hayek Hospital



İtz Nutz

Junk Vegan Ankara




Maadaney Hateva

Oluşum medya

Şahin Market


Terra Kafe & Mutfak


V spectrum Kitchen

Vai vegano


גלייד ישראל

החתול הירוק

ויטופיה מרקט

טרה צילום

לוינסון רכבים

מחוברים לחיים בע"מ

מחוברים לחיים בע"מ

שלר תקשורת

AAA Plumbing & Construction, Inc

AL Media

Amazing Entertainment Representing Indigenous And Various Cultures

Animal Internal Medicine

Animal Liberation Kitchen

Apothecary Kitchen

April Pinto Photography

Ardent Earth

Avation Capital Group


Be-Ve Kids

Beaut Burger


Bikealot LLC

BotaniCuisine, LLC

Brainfood From The Heartland-The Louie b.Free Radio Show

Butter Bits


Clark Communications

Cobconufyf Inc

Coco Eco Magazine

Coexistence Consulting

Compassion & Cucumbers

Conscious Breakthrough

The Content Doctor

Cool Beans

D Jay Productions

David McCoy An Accountancy Corporation

Delikate Rayne

Desert Cannalytix, Inc.

Dirty Snouts

Dr. Monaco’s Natural Remedy

Eastwind Enterprises, Inc

Ecc Interiors LLC

El Vegano

Ely’s To Go

Empowered Vitality

Energizing Nutrition

Energy Anew, Inc.

Engine 2 Immersions

Envegan LLC

Evolotus Public Relations

Eye Love Balance

Eyevibe Inc.

F.A.K.E. Movement

Fur 20

Garden Truck Foods

Gingally, LLC

Good + Social

The Good Crème Vegan Ice Cream

Graystar Farms

Green Economy Law Professional Corporation

The Greener Apple

Heart'n'Sole LLC

Hungry Planet

Integral Concepts, Inc.

Inverted Elements Inc.

Jackfruit Cafe


Joyfully Living Wellness

Justin Manning - Vegan Financial Advisor

Ka Papa Cuisine

Kelowna Cleaner Image


La Vida Vegan Co.

The Land of Kush

Life Lens

Little Jo Berry’s

Meadowlarke Stables Inc


Modern Shaman

Mookie Naja

Mud City Mercantile

Mystique Apparel

Natasha Greissing Makeup & Hair

Nation Earth

Naturally Vero

Naturelle Home & Body Care

Neon Tiger

North Shore Nutrition

Nourish By Shriya

Odd Burger

Open Mouth LLC

Plant Baked LLD

Plant Based Briefing Podcast

Privilege Home Services, Inc.

Project Animal Freedom

Quantiam Technologies Inc.


RicherEarth Vegan Eats Inc.

The Roaring Vegans

Rocco's Sweet Shoppe, LLC

Rozet Landscape Design LLC

Rozet Nursery

Sacred Mountain Sangha

Saifer Health Products

Sausage Party Toronto

Sealevel City Vegan Diner

Sensible Edibles

Shades, Llc

Shalom Printing, Inc.

Sheli The Pet Nanny

Sherman Communications & Marketing, Inc.

Squigglecakes Cupcake Bakery


Syse Trucking Inc

The Tea House

Thrive Plant Life

Tines For Change


Toro Yoga Tribe

Totful Treats

Tracy’s Real Foods

Tree Card

Unaccounted, LLC



V•Gang Crochet


Vegan Baked With Love

Vegan Brain Food

Vegan Factory

The Vegan Hippie Chick

Vegan Intel

Vegan Printer

Vegan Street/Vegan Street Media

Vegan Strong And Fit

Vegan Travel Asia

The Veggie Thali

The Vegilante

Vendx Vending Machines


Wanting Music Inc.

Wellspring Medlegal Exam Services

Wholistic Dish

Wiwasolvet Total Primary Energy Solutions


Zimt Chocolates

An Nguyen (Act)

Angel Food

Ash Andrews

Bianca De Reus

BT Lawyers

Buddha Bowl Cafe

Daisy Lab

Empite Pty Ltd

Fitness Locker

Forward Thinking Design

Hippocrates Healthy Eatery Pty Ltd

Hugo Jorge: Counselling And Coaching

Humane Productions

The Hype Project

Jellyfish Marketing

Just Add Vegan

Just Vegan

Mek Studio

Nourish: Plant-Based Living

Out For Rhubarb

Passionfruit The Sensuality Shop


Speedy Office Solutions

Storm Raven's Emporium

Sweet & Tender Hooligan

Sweet Release

Technikcruit Pty Ltd

The V Spot


Vivas - Vegan. Women. Leadership

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Rosario, Sante Fe




Bhujpur Village

City of Boynton Beach, Florida




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