Our ambassadors are messengers of climate action and help focus worldwide attention on the work of the Plant Based Treaty. They use their time, talent and passion to raise awareness of plant-based climate solutions which will help save the planet, animals and improve human health.

Youth Ambassadors

Genesis Butler


We will never heal the planet and solve the climate crisis if we don’t address animal agriculture.

Brunna Sachs


If the world switched to plant-based food we wouldn’t have to deal with so many problems in the future! What we choose to put on our plates directly affects ecosystems, humans and the climate. Make the change now! The planet, animals and future generations thank you.

Nikhita Kalluri


If we look deeper, beneath our circumstances, our species, our gender, or our race, we are all one and the same. It is time that we act that way.

Veronica Mulenga


If we don’t reduce emissions from animal agriculture, we will not be able to hit climate targets. Even if we get it right on fossil fuels, we would still need to shift away from meat-heavy diets.

Mia Nishiguchi


I support the Plant Based Treaty because I care about animals and the environment as well as my own health, I believe we all have the power to change the world for the better!

Greta Mae


We can no longer ignore the effects of animal agriculture and fossil fuels on our planet. We must change the way we treat nature, and we must do it now. I believe the most powerful thing we can do as consumers, is not consume certain things. We can eat plants, plant trees and endorse the Plant Based Treaty to support a future where we can all thrive.

Nika Moeini


Policy change starts with making our voices heard. Young people will not only shape the future, but we will shape the present through our actions! We are leaders today, and must act on the greatest threat of our time: climate change.

Morgan Janowicz

Green REV Institute


We are on the edge of a climate catastrophe, yet we continue to conduct business as usual, afraid to make often radical but necessary decisions and ignore the science that ruthlessly shows us the reality in which we all find ourselves.

Alitzel Garcia


As a descendant of Indigenous people, I know the significance of the protection of our people, their land, rights, and knowledge. The indigenous people have been actively restoring and protecting lands from deforestation, with a priority shift on nature based solutions. This is a mission that aligns with The Plant Based Treaty.

Bee Labutale


For too long, and too often, this leading cause has been left out of climate solution discussions: animal agriculture. To fight the climate crisis and heal from the damage caused, we need to address the detrimental impact of animal agriculture on our planet. For our planet, people and other animals: eat  plants, plant trees and endorse the Plant Based Treaty.

Rifa Khan

Bhopal, India

I am a 15-year-old climate activist from Bhopal, India. I spread awareness on how we can deal with the climate crisis and talk about the importance of a plant based diet. I take part in many plantation programs and environmental events going on in my city.

Lilka Skórska


It is not too late to make a change, give us – the youngest ones – a chance and take care of our education and sensitivity and we will save this world.

Noah River Porter-Rosensweig


Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be an athlete without animal protein. In fact, many professional athletes opt for a healthy plant-based diet. You have the opportunity to make a change which will help your athletic performance, as well as saving the earth! I know it’s helped me as a vegan hockey player.

What we choose to put on our plates directly affects ecosystems, humans and the climate. Make the change now!’
– Brunna, PBT Youth Ambassador

‘What we choose to put on our plates directly affects ecosystems, humans and the climate. Make the change now!’
– Brunna, PBT Youth Ambassador